Hobonichi Schedule Book

A while back, I ordered a Hobonichi Schedule book from their website to hopefully get a bit more organised. Continue reading


[PSVita] Yomawari (夜廻) | First Impressions


My copy of Yomawari just arrived today ahh I’m so excited to play it :3 I got my vita just a short while ago after recommendations from friends and since I’d never owned a non-nintendo console before (I had a ps1 but that was my brother’s and I don’t think I have it anyore :L). I was browsing amiami seeing if there were any otome games that would interest me and then I came across Yomawari. From the cover and home site, it looked pretty interesting so a few days later I decided to preorder it! Continue reading

Yamishibai | 闇芝居

It’s been a few weeks since this season’s anime has started and I’m currently set on following a few: One Punch Man, Starmyu, Concrete Revolutio, and Kowabon (and I still need to catch up on Haikyuu and Noragami ;;;;). But speaking of Kowabon, which is a short horror series, it reminded me of another horror series I really liked a while back called Yamishibai.  Continue reading

Ace of Diamonds Plushie mascot + Round plushie pouch

I got my ooparts parcel for my Ace of Diamonds plushie mascot and pouch but haven’t been able to write this post //looks away…

until now! So, I ordered the Sawamura Eijun version of the plushie mascot (ぬいぐるみマスコット) and the round plushie pouch (まんまるポーチ). I was going to get Miyuki as well but since I wanted to get the pouches, I didn’t want to get two so I just settled with the one true bae. Continue reading

Free! Illustration pillow covers | Free! 描き下ろし 添い寝枕カバー

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA while ago, I bought the Free! 描き下ろし 添い寝枕カバー (Free! Illustration pillow covers) from タイトープライズ/Taito Prize. After seeing a friend’s picture of her Makoto pillow case, I decided to throw away my shame and buy it myself because they’re just so gorgeous. Anyone would want a good arm-pillow am I right ^q^ At first, I couldn’t decide if I wanted Makoto or Rei so in the end I just bought both ( *´艸`) I bought them from OOPARTS, a Japanese site that sells mostly gachapon and game prize merchandise. Continue reading

Taobao Warehouse Service

After signing up for Taobao, you can start shopping with the warehouse service they have. How this works is, you buy and pay for items yourself through the taobao checkout and when you checkout, you can select one of the warehouse transfer services they have which will automatically change the address to their warehouse. Once the item arrives at their warehouse, you can either pay for the international shipping straight away or combine that order with other orders in the warehouse to get shipped together. The warehouse will keep your item for 20 days before they will start charging you for holding your items there (but it’s really cheap anyway). Continue reading